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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 10, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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astronaut wannabe because we're down there with a live show with john mccain, chris van hollen, marco rubio, many others. at the white house, everywhere, because we figure this matters to you. if it matters to you, as a superhero, i feel obliged. in case people wondering if that is foilt scale. yes. accurate representation of me. yes. good night. >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: another death rocks the n.f.l. a week after the belcher murder-suicide. cowboys' defensive lineman josh brent charge charged with
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intoxication manslaughter after his passenger and teammate jerry brown was killed in a car crash outside of dallas on saturday. police say brent was speeding when the vehicle hit a curb and flipped. he is out of jail now after posting $500,000 bail. >> do you have anything you want to say to jerry brown's family? >> jerry brown is my dear best friend. i'm just trying to deal with his death right now. >> kimberly: i can only imagine. the fact it comes days after kansas city chief jovan belcher killed his girlfriend and then himself. the new video shows cops confronting him before the shooting. belcher was reportedly out drinking that night and brent's arrest is the 15th player arrested for suspicion of dui. it's a problem. what should the n.f.l. do about it? that's the discussion over the weekend. people have strong opinions about this. thinking there should be curfews imposed and device on vehicles. host of ideas to combat the
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problem. >> eric: this may sound callous, but i don't think there is a problem. the n.f.l. offers a service that has is fantastic. if anyone is drinking, intoxicated, whatever they're doing, if they feel impaired or don't feel good, pick up a phone and taxi will be there to drive them where they want to go. no questions asked. it won't get reported to the n.f.l. won't get reported to the team. this is personal responsibility. we need to point out that the dui rate among n.f.l. players is half that of the general population. >> bob: younger males. >> eric: right. i mean the age demographic, 2,000 n.f.l. players and they're stopped for dui or receive dui around 0.7% of the time. double that for the general population. they're doing a nice job with it. they are doing -- listen, they are held to a different standard. kids look up to these people. they seem to be doing the right thing. but when something happens like this, it gets publicized. >> greg: what let me down is bob costas. where was he at halftime?
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why did he come out against cars? why didn't he come out against alcohol? i guess it's not essentialgy enough. >> dana: jason whitlock hadn't written about it yet. >> greg: there you go. >> bob: one thing they are proposing is interlock system for the cars. the guys have money and drive fast cars. souped up cars. the combination of that and the booze is a recipe for disaster. interlock system is something that having used it myself, in the early days, you know, you drive along. you got to blow in the thing to get the car started. every 15 minutes it goes off and you have to blow in it again. in and of itself it's dangerous. the guys are less than the average for this demographic. i'm not so sure there is as big a problem. but it gets attention. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana:ly be the skunk at the garden party. it's because they are looked up to they should be held to a higher standard. they get obscene amount of
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money to throw ball around. they are adults and there should be consequences for their action. i would have zero tolerance policy. if you're caught, off the team. they would hire a driver. they can afford it. >> eric: bring up a good point. >> kimberly: men love fast cars. i like them, too. they get a sports car. you sign a deal. if they drink, look at the large number of dui and arrest and fatalities. >> bob: personal responsibility thing, too. this guy is doing this the night before his game. you would think that the team ought to have a right to put a curfew on him if they want to. >> eric: it wasn't the night before the game. >> bob: saturday night. >> eric: friday night. they were supposed to leave to go to cincinnati. >> bob: but still, not too far off of when he had to perform, right? >> eric: but -- your point being? >> bob: my point being the team could, i assume, put a mandatory check-in time or
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whatever. when they're on the road they do. bowles, they have check-in time to do it. i assume the team could taken action. >> dana: how can you play hungover anyway? >> greg: you can do a lot of things hungover. believe me. how many times i've done this show hungover is unbelievable. >> kimberly: not well. >> greg: the percentage we talk about, the general population is double the number of arrests. but are the numbers unreported because successful people are pulled over an therefore they're -- >> kimberly: getting out of it. >> eric: do you have the video? if you have the video -- greg's point, exactly to greg's point, jovan belcher before he killed his girlfriend and then killed himself was pulled over by the cops. >> dana: found him sleeping in his car. >> eric: they asked him what position he played. he had a bentley and $300,000 bentley sitting there. the question is -- here it is. if he wasn't jovan belcher and
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he was joe six-pack and camry, would he be able to walk or would they have arrested him for sitting drunk in his car? your point is well taken. >> kimberly: they have a couple of ideas here. in particular, the cowboys are thinking of putting a device to immobilize a player's car. they babysit them to a certain extent. training camp. they try to have somebody like -- bob, you used to this sometimes. >> bob: inner lock system. they use it for punishment with dwis. >> kimberly: is that going too far? >> bob: it is. >> dana: he killed somebody. >> eric: that is going to drive drinkers to drugs. because there is no interlock system for marijuana, heroin, cocaine. nothing to blow in to you to allow you to shut the ignition off. >> bob: you are taking again, you get to the atmosphere the guys live in and they are stars.
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you are going to get guys to drink and drive or drug and drive. it is also going to get this attention. $500,000 for a bond is unbelievably excessive. he can afford it. would anybody else get $500,000 bond? >> dana: that's great. relevant with the position he holds in society. i was thinking earlier today. he is 6'5", 320 pounds. how much do you have to drink to get that drunk? >> bob: a lot. >> dana: a lot, right? >> bob: they pulled belcher out of his car, you can get arrested, if you have keys in your ignition, you might as well be driving. they can do breathalyzer on you and over the limit they can arrest you. notice the headlights were on. it wonder if the car was running. >> eric: the keys were not in the car. >> bob: not? >> greg: this goes back to the different rules.
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there are different rules for certain people in society. not just n.f.l. players if you look at the celebrities in general. i had the same rap sheet that lindsay lohan did, i would bebe in rikers engaged to a man named tiny. >> dana: how cute! >> greg: i know. he's not tiny. let me tell you that. ironic -- the fact is none of us, nobody has the same breaks a celebrity does because they look at a celebrity and say i can do them a favor because i see them on tv. >> eric: where do you draw the line? if there is zero tolerance in the n.f.l., is there zero tolerance among airline pilots? bus drivers? >> dana: i know a company that has -- i know a company with a zero tolerance against any talking or texting on a phone while in a vehicle. it's so -- the penalty is so severe that you will lose your job. there will be no questions asked. nobody takes a phone call when they are in the car and
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driving. they are probably safer drivers because of it. >> bob: airline pilots cannot drink 24 hours or maybe 48 hours before they fly because of exactbely that. the company has a right and should put that kind of restriction on people. the n.f.l. is a different situation. they are not putting restriction on something they are doing -- >> kimberly: maybe they need more counseling an awareness. >> eric: he was a day-and-a-half away from the football game. time is irrelevant here. the question is, if a pilot gets drunk and pulled over and dui he is not going to fly for three days, should he be pulled, fired, yanked? >> bob: certainly should be. >> dana: for the negative pub hissy that he brings to the team -- publicity he brings to the team, the teammates can complain about it. in addition, there are, the coaches should be able to -- i don't think it should be a law. coaches should exercise responsibility over their players. perhaps one of the guys, one of the big shots need to show how it's so uncool to drive
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your own car. this needs to become a popular -- >> kimberly: would you give a talk, dana, go to the n.f.l. locker room to locker room. >> bob: if you're that size and drunk 48 hours out, you are still drunk 24 hours out. people think if you drink and go to sleep, you wake up a you're fine. >> dana: what does he have to do? just push on a guy. >> kimberly: gave quick update about the aftermath of the belcher story, which is a report came out that seven players in different n.f.l. teams took guns and turned them in to security. this is after the news that came out about the tragedy with jovan belcher and his girlfriend. >> greg: i don't think that is important. my mother turned in a handgun. it's people like my mother who turn in handguns. it's never the people you want to turn in handguns. it's true. anybody who does the handguns -- it's the people
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that should have a handgun. >> there is a report of people who went to sell a handgun at a gun shop and by mistake he was getting in a car with a 7-year-old son. the gun went off and killed the son. >> greg: i knew you would bring that up. that makes all guns neil it was an accident. >> eric: there are stories of people who saved their lives because they blew away an intruder. >> greg: by the way, there are more people killed by drunk drivers than killed in accidents with guns. got far less press. >> bob: i knew it'd be a gun fight. >> greg: you started it. >> kimberly: it's monday. we have already started. a lot more coming up on "the five." the people who duped the hospital over princess kate just been given a first interview. we have a singer gangnam style over the president despite outrage over the anti-american
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rant. president obama addresses unions today in detroit. >> what we shouldn't doing is try to take away your right to bargain for better wages. he still calls them right to work laws. they don't have to do with economics. they have over the do with policy. >> kimberly: eric has details. we have a jam-packed show. stay with us. ♪ ♪ um...
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. president "o" to the belly of the beast today as michigan awaits governor snyder signature making the wolve rine state the 24th right to work state in the republic. great news for capitalism. great news for state that is on the verge of collapse. so, why so much pushback from the unions and the democrats? don't they get it? thanks to the union stranglehold an the crony cozy relationship to the democrat party, detroit is about to default, michigan is failing. remember our paul joanne watson, the detroit councilwoman who is befuddled while president obama won't bail her out and her friends.
2:17 pm
she did vote for him, right? >> after the election of jimmy carter, alexander young, he went to washington, d.c. he came back home with some bacon. that is what you do. that is what you do. >> eric: is that what you do, kimberly? >> kimberly: i love itism could watch that all day. she is speaking the truth. we supported him. when you go to d.c. gand to washington, come back, show us something. where is our payback for supporting you? we want to get help and money and get something back. it hear you. that is her position. fight for her people. nevertheless. >> bob: same with wealthy people. they get tax breaks from republicans and they get paid back for them. the idea of suggesting that the city of detroit is in trouble because of the unions is ridiculous. what about the management of the companies? what about the great capitalist -- >> eric: detroit has 18.9% unemployment rate. that is higher than the
2:18 pm
national average. has median average income of $25,000. >> bob: i don't know how you make a connection. >> eric: here is how you make a connection. business environment in state of michigan, city of detroit is terrible. companies aren't coming in there investing. >> dana: a few years ago governor rick schneider took over, a businessman. he had done get awa get gateways and he didn't have to do anything else but decided to serve the state. to the point was dire. some said the governor, state of michigan would need to take over the city of detroit. you can separate the issues. bail-out idea, bail-out detroit versus what governor rick snyder is doing, fundamental change for michigan to make it more like a state like virginia. 23 other states that are right to work states.
2:19 pm
if they compete for work they got, and the idea might be better. it could be good for state of michigan, if painful for a few people for a while. >> eric: so many car companies say we like to do business in america. freddie addressing the fiscal cliff in detroit is going to mercury to address global warming. it's hot there. only obama could declare the auto bail-out a success. that is like hurricane sandy is a mess. the only successful expert is people. they are greating the hell out of there. going back to people like snyder, obama is happy to take the money from the rich. both won't take advice from people are rich.
2:20 pm
he doesn't want to learn how to fish. he just wants to take the fish. >> bob: detroit has been in trouble for a long time. right to work. here the unions collectively bargain, great rates. they allow scabs in there and take advantage of the money. >> eric: you just made the case for busting up the union there. detroit has been in trouble for a long time, republican or a democrat. you are 100% right. >> bob: does it have something with every other major city in country. >> dana: michigan should be allow to make its own decisio decisions. michigan voters, the overall households support. this 45% of the union households support the move. 39% of the democratic households support it. 55% of the republican households. there is momentum. they realize they have to do something. this would be a fundamental change. that could alter the history.
2:21 pm
>> eric: today's news is good example. they are chuging 40s and smoking weed in the lunch break and today they return to building cars that you and i drive the kids to school in. because of the union contract. only because of the union contracts. >> bob: c'mon, bob. you can find a video like this. >> bob: i can find it in every right to work state in the south lunch break. >> eric: they'd get fired. >> kimberly: they're not from texas. >> bob: they don't get fired in the south? >> eric: chrysler said we don't like to decision. we would have fired them but they can't. >> kimberly: they have protection. bostonright to work means whoever is not a union member gets the sweat they put in to it to get the good jobs. they're scabs because they don't put in the union
2:22 pm
political fund. >> dana: 24 states have lower unemployment rate and other states are not right to work, while shouldn't michigan, at least they have a democratic process. it's passed. the governor has been thoughtful about it. people, majority of people support it. why not let them try something that would alter history? >> kimberly: why not? >> bob: why not bad handguns in countries that don't have murder. here we ban them and it -- >> greg: the funny thing is we talk about greece, but before there was greece, there was detroit. detroit is greece. if it was only the acropolis. dead city. people left because they couldn't make a living, the unions suffocate pod tenial. >> bob: true about toledo and cleveland and cincinnati? the northern cities that have had bleed of workers? >> eric: i will make a wage with you. now that snyder signs it off and right to work, i bet an
2:23 pm
auto company goes -- brand new, never done business before in detroit. >> kimberly: you will lose this bet, bob. >> eric: coming up, 2004 south korean singer rapped about killing americans in 2019 and is invited to perform for president obama. ♪ ♪ >> eric: maybe not. we will gangmam bang it out next. and make sure you go to the facebook page. we are updating and posting click like. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: we're going to hell. the korean pop star performed at christmas in washington last night. joe biden took a picture with him thinking he's obama. he is the guy behind gangnam style is exposed for a song called "stare american" what which had him rap kill the bleeping yankees who ordered them to forture. kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers, kill them all slowly an painfully. now he says he is deeply sorry for how the lyrics could be interpreted so there is more than one way to interpret "kill them all"? psy would rap a different tune about the military. hi'd do the silly horse trot
2:29 pm
screaming "save me america" prodded by a commie bayonet. but i don't care. if i got upset every time a singer bashed america i'd suffer from upset paralysis. this is about the identity and the death of ours. if you placed yankees with any cooler identity other than scen color and sexual orientation he would have been tossed faster than beckel at a tea party. american is no longer exceptionm identity that unites us all, who cares? patriotism is like ribbon candy. only granny has it. it's not like it's hard to get in the white house these days. the current administration proved that. so k.g., he said he was sorry. is that enough? >> kimberly: i guess so. i don't think it's okay. but he got to shake hands with the president. get all kinds of adulation for what? freaky horse trot dance?
2:30 pm
>> eric: disagreeing. this is bad. really bad. 40,000 or so americans die in the korean war. king jong unsmokes cigarettes like his dad did, would love to take south korea but we protect him from that. this guy should never have been there. two days when they realized he had done this in 2002 and 2004. he said we want american troops an families to die and die a painful death. don't apologize for that. bad person. get him out of the white house. >> kimberly: the point is i'm making that yeah, what he did was wrong. it doesn't seem to matter. look where he is. photo op and two people away from the president. >> bob: this is to raise money for kids a he did apologize. a lot of people thought the iraq war, including me, was illegal war. >> greg: he didn't care
2:31 pm
about the iraq war. he was just trying to get attention. >> bob: maybe that's what it is. you hold something he said against a rap song against him for rest of his life? >> eric: no. just don't show opponens to my president. >> bob: greg said in his monologue, this current administration and the white house. they got elected. you got beat. >> greg: i know. >> bob: just accept it. live with it. >> bob: i accept it. but it's sad when you get a joke in there. i don't really give a damn. it makes, it diminishes the white house. i don't know. >> dana: that song drives me in sane. it didn't know what it meant. it couldn't understand it. then i was reading about the gangnam style. it put two to two together. in 2002 and 2003 was a deeply horrified south korean public about one of their aid worker workers. in iraq who had been taken hostage. and was seeking freedom. they were holding that hostage.
2:32 pm
south koreans were helpful to the americans and the iraq war. nibble his right to, press himself. i don't -- i believe in his right to express himself but i don't think anybody at the white house would have gone back to look at what he said in 2002, 2003. because only thing people care about is that thing he is doing there. >> eric: there was a petition on the white house website. i guess you are allowed to petition to white house website. but they pulled that down the day before. pulled the petition down. >> bob: another conspiracy. >> eric: an opportunity to remove psy from the it would have gone on and raised money for the kids and not offended 50% of america. >> bob: epic conspiracy. >> greg: nothing compared to jane fonda. she was an american who but traitor to america. this is korean guy trying to make a name for himself saying stupid things and got famous. the big bully he hated is making him famous. >> dana: he wasn't trying to get famous in america. trying to get famous in south
2:33 pm
korea. he was speaking exactly to how they felt. >> bob: what about the rapperrappers in united states k about shooting tops. >> dana: i agreement. >> eric: personally, i hope they are not hanging out at the white house. >> dana: they are. >> greg: keeps going to the white house. al sharpton. i mean he is -- the kato riots. c'mon. >> bob: my ear, nose, throat guy went to stones conner? new jersey and said it was baby boomers smoking dope. >> kimberly: thank you for that update, bob. >> greg: all right. radio hosts have been yanked off the air and we're hearing from them for the first time since the nurse's suicide. >> you know, shattered. heart broken. >> we're so sorry that this has happened.
2:34 pm
>> greg: police are investigating could they face criminal charges over the death of this young woman? should they? next on "the five." ♪ ♪ twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligatio. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is we're more than three weeks going over the fiscal cliff. new developments. tonight on "special report," president obama speaks out following a sunday face-to-face meeting with house speaker john boehner. today, the president took his pitch to michigan. we look at the prospect of negotiating settlement with karl rove and joe trippi. they are back. they have numbers but no electoral maps. suppose both sides get a deal done in the next few days. what would the timeline look like for beating the end of the year deadline. we get out the crystal ball and calendars.
2:39 pm
brit hume has analysis on how a deal could get done. new video shows use of chemical weapons by the government. and california is going all in on solar power but a lot of californians say solar is taxpayer and consumer ripoff. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern now. back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. several new developments to report on the royal phone prank in the u.k. radio station has taken the two d.j.s off the air who called the hospital where princess kate was being treated. they duped nurses to thinking they were the queen and prince charles. the nurse who put through their call, her name was saldana found dead of apparent suicide on friday. though they have not released the cause of death.
2:40 pm
today we are hearing from the first time from the two d.j.s, mel and michael on the death. >> it was never meant to go that far. it was meant to be a silly prank that so many people have done before. this wasn't meant to happen. gone over this a million times in my head that i want to reach out to them and give them a big hug and say sorry. i hope they're okay. it really do. >> what is important right now is that the family and we hope they are doing okay and get the love and support that they deserve and need right now. personally, i'm -- >> dana: police in the u.k. contacted authorities in australia. could they face charges for this? kimberly, we talked in the break. we don't see what the charge could be. >> kimberly: it's too tenuous in terms of the connection. you can't say that okay, they directly caused or intended and they didn't even act in a
2:41 pm
manner where you would assume something like this would happen. they are not going to be able to be prosecuted criminally. someone try to bring a civil lawsuit, wrongful death? it would be a tough case, but people would be sympathetic to say gosh, it's horrible what happened. was that it foreseeable over a prank that someone would take their life. we don't know enough about the woman who was deceased. what was her mental health or condition strike other problems in her life? obviously, a lot of, you know, public disdain and blame is on the two d.j.s for what they did. no one likes to see or hear a story like this. >> dana: there were consequences in their private life. they lost their jobs. >> greg: people like to express outrage. even when they know in their hearts that the people didn't mean harm. millions of pranks are done all the time. the last thing on their mind was something like this. if you believe they have blood on their hands it's because you enjoy the feeling of
2:42 pm
saying that. the bigger question is the hospital. the poor woman killed herself. could vit been the reprimand? could it have been the humiliation? did the hospital not protect her against people? that is the piece of this that is not being discussed. you have can't go after the d.j.s because the d.j.s are doing their job. we have done stuff on the show that approximates that without calling anybody. >> bob: exactly. exactly. this is a genre, what they do. it's a zoo type of radio format. tens of thousands of pranks have been committed like this. very few times do people kill themselves. >> greg: never. >> bob: they should not only be off the air. they should feel remorseful but face it. this happens all the time. that's what they are there for. i just so happened the hospital broke down and allowed this to go through. >> eric: before we indict the hospital, though, the hospital was called in advance. are you done? done with the thought? i cut you off. >> bob: not at all. >> eric: please, go ahead. finish your thought.
2:43 pm
>> bob: no, i want to hear from you. >> eric: the question is the culture around the royals so important that god forbid you even have fun with the royals a little bit and you cause some, i don't know, humor or embarrassment. >> dana: humiliation. >> eric: so big she has to kill herself? >> greg: great point. this woman felt she had done such graver harm. it wonder what was the reprimand strike what did they say to her? >> kimberly: maybe she was embarrassed. >> bob: a lot of things we need to know before we draw this one phone call got her to kill herself. it may have been other things. most people don't kill themselves because of things like this. >> dana: good discussion. thank you very much. directly ahead, the holiday season is here so it's time for your office holiday party. ours is coming up soon. bob has tips how not to lose your job while you are there. this is greg giving me his jasper picture. next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bob: that sounds like a karaoke party. tonight the third night of hanukkah, 15 days until christmas. many of you have office parties coming up. we do on "the five." we have tips on how to do with it. there is a poll out by ashley madison, website of 22,000 people. this is a web site that people want to cheat. but it says 46% of men and 38% of women had v an affair with coworkers many around the holiday parties. i have some of my own advice, having been through this, being a member of some of the organizations. here are some of the things i suggest you be careful about. if you are going to pick up somebody at the holiday party, make sure it's not your boss' wife. if you are going drink, don't go past the limit. that's where mews of your bad decisions are made. i can vouch for that. do not sing karaoke ever. do not pick up anyone after midnight. a 2 at 10:00 is 10 at 2:00. yeah. 2 at 10:00, 10 at 2:00.
2:49 pm
>> dana: then you want to pick up someone after midnight. >> bob: you're so drunk you think it's good looking babe. >> greg: pick up five 2s. >> bob: any other tips? >> kimberly: those said it all. >> eric: i think that the safest thing to do is bring your wife to your holiday party and it won't be a problem. >> kimberly: but then bob hits on her. remember that? bob hitting owner rick's wife. >> dana: my advice is leave early. if it's hard, like leigh right when you think it is -- there is a tipping point when a party goes from really fun to not so good. leave before that good part. >> bob: you were the first out of a party, weren't you? >> kimberly: not the last christmas party. >> dana: did i say? >> greg: there until 5:00. we had to pull you out of the fountain. it was horrible. >> kimberly: there it is. >> greg: you know what you can do? >> eric: last year. >> greg: approximate a holiday party, go to the
2:50 pm
buffet area of the local supermarket, stand around awkwardly and that is a holiday party. one thing you can't do is hook up or throw up. that will give us gossip for the rest of the week. >> bob: these are the pictures of the last christmas party that we had. there is one picture of eric that we took that off. fortunately. kim ber lip, have you been picked up at a holiday party? when you weren't married? when weren't you married? >> kimberly: i have not been married three times. give me a bad reputation. twice. >> bob: sorry. >> kimberly: no. yes, i have been picked up at parties married or not. >> bob: the worst thing i did, working at the white house i passed out under the christmas tree in the east room and they had to me out. the secret service had to pull me outism didn't cause trouble. i broke some of the bulbs. >> dana: don't take your mobile device in the party. if your boss see that you are
2:51 pm
checking your e-mail and stuff, it might not leigh a good impression. try to leigh it -- >> kimberly: what? make a good impression with the bosses. >> dana: is that not the point've holiday party? >> bob: would you like a holiday party or a bonus? >> dana: bonus. >> bob: people don't want to go to a holiday party. people get drunk like greg and thing bad things happen. >> kimberly: stay sober and keep your clothes on. >> greg: worst thing that happened to me was when i killed the drifter in 1987. >> eric: never goes away. >> eric: i like dana idea of leaving early. one of the recommendations is a two-drink maximum. >> dana: absolutely. >> bob: two drink maximum, leave early and bring your wife. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ .so as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>> kimberly: time now for one more thing. >> greg: blah, blah, blah. >> kimberly: let me tell you something, every day i wonder who will disrupt me more, greg or bob? yeah. we put out script, please.
2:56 pm
thank you. i want to take a moment to remember two people who lost their live over the weekend. jenny rivera died in a plane crash in northern mexico yesterday. and ntsb are sending a team there to find out the cause of the crash. now the california born singer from long beach, california, also mother of five. was known for speaking frankly with the public about her personal struggles. she sold estimated 15 million records worldwide. she was 43 years old. the other person is a navy seal. 28-year-old petty officer first class nicolas check from pennsylvania. member of seal team six and killed over the weekend? the rescue mission in afghanistan. which successly freed an american doctor who had been kidnapped by the taliban. godspeed to them both. >> bob: absolutely. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: well didn't cover it on five five, which surprises me -- on "the five" which surprises me. a report was out we covered
2:57 pm
40,000 -- we created 140,000 new jobs. the obama recovery is roaring and we are going have a great couple three years. >> dana: how many people left the workforce >> bob: i have no idea. >> dana: why does it matter? that's why the unemployment rate went down. >> bob: you are all so pessimistic be. upbeat. >> dana: be honest. >> greg: the new jobs are elves. >> eric: 73% of all new jobs -- >> bob: this is my segment. >> dana: you started it. >> eric: 73% of all the jobs createed in this country over the last five months. 73 are what? government jobs. every guy pulling the car, three guys -- dabs 350,000 people left the jobs. >> bob: you take my one more thing and debate it because you don't like it. >> eric: saturday night, i'm watching "saturday night live." if wasn't so darn true it wouldn't so darn funny. watch. >> early this week, i found my way to congressional cafeteria. what do i see?
2:58 pm
john boehner sitting by himself. all alone. not a single member of the party willing to share his company. he didn't even have any milk to drink, because -- tell them why. >> they have taken my milk and up there it in the garbage. >> eric: bar guy.>> poor guy. >> dana: hard to be a leader. lonely at the top. i have a story about a monkey and ikea. the shoppers are at ikea and they look down and there is a monkey in a coat. he got away from his owners. so the monkey was walking around. they got fined. they only got fined $240 for having illegal pet. which you can't have a monkey, bob, i know you had one in college. not a good idea. do not try this at home. i thought that was weird. at the time, set your dvrs or tune in at 1:00 p.m. i'm on the record filling in for greta. greg, do not give a look like
2:59 pm
that, mr. self-promotion. on the record tonight. >> bob: mention the book. >> dana: talk about the monkey? >> greg: where did a monkey get a coat that size. i need to find out. it's hard for me to get -- >> dana: down the street. we'll get you one. >> bob: joy of hate banned shirts. >> greg: the tour begins saturday. i'll be in texas, oklahoma, louisiana. >> bob: aren't you lucky. >> greg: want to know where to meet me go to now i'm going to do my banned phrase. thank you. >> kimberly: my gosh. anything else? >> greg: you heard about the women that went to the restaurant and then t bill said fat girls on them. they found out on abc news and said they were scarred. they were scarred. they were scarred. no, no, no. you get scared from things that actually scar you. there are people all around the world who are getting scarred because if they


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